In the News

SOS has received quite a lot of media attention over the years in newsprint, magazines, radio and TV. Some of the more interesting and recent ones include are shown below.

In the News

March 2014 March 2014 ABC Radio National 'Off Track' - 'Rivers of the Sea - rip currents on the Australian beach' - a 30 minute segment on Dr Rob Brander's rip current research including stories from rip current survivors
February 2014 Dr Rip on Yahoo!7 News
January 2014 Dr Rip on BBC News (website)
BBC News (YouTube Version)
May 2013 ABC 702 Interview: Guardians of the Surf
January 2013 10 Questions in The Weekend Australian Magazine
August 2012 2012 Winner Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Dr. Rip - Promoting Understanding of Australian Science Research
Nov 30/Dec 4 SOS to take part in 'Stay Safe at the Beach' day at Gosford and Wyong Shire Council on the Central Coast of NSW
Nov 2011 'National Rip Current Awareness Day' to be held in late November
Oct 2011 Science of the Surf receives a High Commendation at the 2011 NSW Water Safety Awards for 'Community Education Program of the Year'
Oct 2011 Dr Rob Brander receives 'Research Project of the Year' with Surf Life Saving Austdalia at the 2011 NSW Water Safety Awards.
Sept 2011 The Clovelly Community Bendigo Bank sponsored 25 local schools to receive 2 copies of 'Dr Rip's Essential Beach Book' plus a copy of the Rip Current Survival Guide DVD.
Sept 18, 2011 ABC Radio 702 'Sons of Beaches' with Simon Marnie and Don Norris
Aug 14, 2011 ABC Radio 702 'Sons of Beaches' with Simon Marnie and Don Norris
July 2011 'Dr Rip's Essential Beach Book' now available as an ebook from the iTunes store in the United States and Canada
May 18, 2011 Essential Beach eBook
The Essential Beach book is now available electronically for your favourite eBook reader!
Dr Rip's Essential Beach Book on iTunes
April 10, 2011 ABC Radio 702 'Sons of Beaches' with Simon Marnie and Don Norris
February 27, 2011 ABC 702 'Sons of Beaches' with Simon Marnie.
This is now going to be a semi-regular feature talking beaches with Simon and 'Professor' Don Norris
January 5, 2011 Milton Ulladulla Times 'Talk may save lives' Link
December 17, 2010 ABC 702 Studio morning show interview with Angela Catterns and Wendy Harmer
December 2010 Etihad Airlines In-flight magazine Q&A 'The Surf Doctor' PDF
October 2010 Channel 9 (Australia) 60 Minutes episode on rip currents called 'The Cruel Sea' Link
March 2010 (replayed October 2010) ABC Classic FM Interview Podcast with Margaret Throsby Link
February 2010 'Yes we can slash the death toll from rips at our beaches' – Sydney Morning Herald Opinion Piece Link
February 2010 'The Rip Current Debate' Panel Discussion on ABC National with Fran Kelly

There was quite a debate and controversy about rip currents in the summer of 2009/2010 in Australia. A live radio debate with me, Peter Agnew of Surf Life Saving Australia and John Andrews of the Australian Professional Ocean Lifeguard Association (APOLA) took place in the studio. This is Part 1 of the YouTube video. It gets a bit heated in Parts 2 and 3!

February 2009 Triple J Radio Podcast with Dr Karl

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has been a fantastic supporter of Science of the Surf, especially after he got caught in a rip himself. I was lucky enough to be invited by Karl into the Triple J studio to be part of his Science talkbalk show. For an hour we answered listeners questions about all things related to the coast.

August 2009 Swellnet Surfpolitik interview about erosion problems at Byron Bay, NSW Link
December 2008 'Dead Calm: Dangerous Rips' Sydney Morning Herald Weekend Cover Story Link
November 2006 'Aussies ignorant of surf dangers' The Age Link
March 2004 'Science could prove life saving in the Surf' ABC TV 7:30 Report Story Link
February 2002 'Science of the Surf' – ABC TV Catalyst Story Link